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sE Electronics

sE Electronics V CLAMP

Unbeatable punch & impact, with four custom voicings to cover any sonic need.
Product Features
  • For Use with V BEAT Microphones
  • Mounts to Snares & Toms
  • Elastic Clip
  • Metal Rod for Positioning Mic's Height

  • Overview

The sE Electronics V CLAMP is a mount designed to add more flexibility when mounting drum mics to drum heads, particularly those in the V BEAT series. The V CLAMP secures to the rim of a snare or tom drum by means of its elastic clip, while the cylindrical metal tube allows you to move attached V-Series microphones on a vertical plane. With the V CLAMP, you can position the mic further away from the drum if you want to get more air and bloom around the sound, or mic it in tight and close. At the bottom of the rod is a small hole, which you can use with a tie clip for cable organization.

Price: Upon Request

For Use with
  • V BEAT Microphones