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About MediaCast

MediaCast is a premier distributor of professional audio/video solutions ranging from broadcast, live-to-post, and on demand. Based in Dubai, MediaCast serves a wider region spanning the Middle East, Pakistan and Egypt. MediaCast serves as a trusted partner for over 60 original equipment manufacturers, resellers and commercial customers through a network of more than 50 locations in 15 countries. A company with around 50 members, MediaCast brings technology solutions to a breadth of markets including broadcast, post-production houses, film and music studios, educational institutions, system integrators, web-streaming solution providers, digital storage houses and live-production facilities.

Ensuring we have the right product offering and having an excellent team are the key factors behind our success, MediaCast provides specialized services and expertise across product and system lifecycles.

MediaCast provides outstanding value to customers and suppliers - the best technology manufacturers in their fields - and connects them through the company's industry leading services. Having played integral roles in equipping some of the major broadcast stations, recording studios, production companies and universities in the region, MediaCast is woven deeply into the fabric of creative media development in the Middle East.

20 Years

We have been around for a while. Established more than 20 years ago, we have been part of the amazing development of professional media landscape in the region!

Channel Partners

We have grown with our trusted network of Channel Partners across the MENA region. Our brands are represented in these countries by our superb industry leading channel partners!

Countries Presence

Our partners and brands are present in more than 20 countries in the region. We are growing more and more!

MediaCast Mission

All art is unbound by imagination. Great imagination leads to greater creations.
MediaCast strives to achieve the realization of creative media development goals of the Middle East region.

Responsible business is a motto of MediaCast, and in context, we have been dedicated to the nurturing and advancement of the creative talent in the region. Recognizing the importance of great tools for great creations, MediaCast has partnered with selected manufacturers and brands that we have found to best serve the users in the region. While doing this, we have ensured a healthy balance between the business end and the contribution that we make to the community. We are supported by a strong network of dedicated channel-partners across the regions representing our offerings.