Introducing COLBOR!

01 September, 2023

Superior lighting solutions for photo and video
MediaCast proudly announces a partnership that is set to illuminate the photography and videography landscape. As the newly appointed distributors of Colbor, we are excited to bring affordable, high-quality lighting solutions to the region.
In photography and videography, lighting plays a fundamental role in capturing captivating visuals and setting the tone of a scene. With our partnership with Colbor, we are equipped to offer top-of-the-line lighting solutions to professionals and aspiring creators in the industry.

Our mission is to make premium lighting equipment accessible and affordable to a wide range of filmmakers, content creators, production studios, and more. As distributors, our responsibility lies in sales, support, and marketing, ensuring that Colbor's array of versatile products, including pocket lights, Chip-on-Board LED Lights, and a variety of accessories, reaches every corner of the region. Our commitment is to ensure these top-tier lighting solutions are readily available and supported throughout the.
We are excited about this opportunity to enhance the visual storytelling experience for our customers. Together, let's illuminate creative brilliance with cutting-edge lighting solutions.

For more information, contact our team at [email protected].