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The video technology world adapted quickly to the challenges thrown to us over the past two years. Innovation, adventurous spirit and cutting edge technology not only ensured that we faced the challenges head-on globally, but also created a new wave of thinking that developed solutions at a fast pace.

NewTek has been at the forefront of this with the range of exciting products and NDI, the highly advanced video over IP protocol that is truly ahead of its time. By helping people connect, communicate and entertain around the world in innovative ways, NewTek and NDI has reshaped the landscape the broadcast and live production industries.

How do we take the best of these and use the possibilities that NDI and NewTek products offer for the future? What lies ahead of us and how do we take charge of the future?

Join the stellar team of NewTek in an exclusive event in Media One Hotel, Dubai for an afternoon where we discuss all these and more. Get to know the products, the people and the possibilities that you have with NewTek and NDI, whether you are from the live production, broadcast, corporate, education, government or sports. In fact, if professional video is part of your interests, this is an event that you don’t want to miss.

We are putting together a great mix of everything that will be with your time - informative sessions from the NewTek team, demonstrations by the NewTek users in Dubai, opportunity to meet the partners and a hands-on experience time with the products.


Here is our amazing panel of speakers who are waiting to meet with you!

Mark Coombes

Director of Sales EMEA, NewTek

Liam Hayter


Zoltan Matula


Isaac Kumer

Director GAME.AE

Lawrence Mallari


Ramuel Derige


Mohammed Siam


Event Schedule

2.30 pm

Introduction and Agenda of the afternoon

with Ramuel Derige

2.37 pm

Newtek and NDI's role in the changing landscape of Production

with Mark Coombes

2.49 pm

What Newtek has to offer (Product line)

with Liam Hayter

3.11 pm

Commercial Break 1 - Demo of what happened in the first segment

with Lawrence Mallari

3.27 pm

Case Studies / Major users + Green Screen shot

with Mohammad Siam

3.57 pm

Commercial Break 2 - Demo of Green Screen in ME, Layers, Input grab from PS5, Telestrator

with Lawrence Mallari

4.10 pm

Coffee Break

4.27 pm

Essentials of Designing your NDI Network

with Liam Hayter

4.56 pm

NDI Bridge / Remote

with Zoltan Matula

5.12 pm

Commercial Break 3 - Demo of UI of network switch, NDI sources in network, NDI Bridge interface

with Lawrence Mallari

5.21 pm

Use of Tricaster with Remote callers

with Mohammad Siam

5.40 pm

Use of PTZ in Studios for Live Events

with Isaac Kumer

5.56 pm

Newtek U courses

with Stephen Weiland

6.10 pm

Demo Wrap Up - Recording & Streaming

with Lawrence Mallari

6.20 pm

Q & A by panel

Liam Hayter, Stephen Weiland, Mark Coombes & Lawrence Mallari

6.30 pm

NDI TechNite

Reception opens for evening invitees

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