Universal Audio introduces UAFX pedals

08 April, 2021

60 Years of Analog Tone. At Your Feet.

Universal Audio introduces UAFX pedals. A landmark in classic reverb, delay, and modulation effects. Beautifully built upon powerful new dual-processor engines and UA's proven analog modeling expertise, UAFX delivers sonic authenticity far beyond other stompboxes.
  • Powerful UAFX engine delivers the most sonically authentic classic reverb, delay, and modulation effects ever produced by a pedal
  • Simple Live/Preset modes with silent switching, true/buffered bypass, and spillover/trails
  • Additional downloadable guitar effects from the world-renowned UAD algorithm team
  • Timeless UA analog design and beautiful, robust craftsmanship — built to last decades

UAFX Golden
  • Immersed in the light, you search for a guide.
  • You emerge with the touchstones to illuminate your journey.
  • Here you remain, forever Golden.

UAFX Starlight
  • You are embarking on a path that few have travelled before.
  • This is your starting point.
  • From here to the never‑ending beyond.

UAFX Starlight
  • A painter of sonic alchemy.
  • A conductor for your interstellar ensemble.
  • Astra reveals a universe resplendent with color.

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