UAD 10.2 update released with new plugins for UAD Spark

09 November, 2022

— With UAD 10.2, both UAD hardware and Spark software users get some interesting new additions. Besides the usual bug fixes and an overall increase in performance efficiency, there are a few new effects plug-ins and the new PolyMAX virtual analog synthesizer. —
The Spark plug-in library is steadily growing, offering gradually more value to Spark subscribers. The latest update includes the Polymax softsynth, a vintage analogue emulation inspired by the golden age of polyphonic synthesizers. This is a great offering as a native plugin, without the need for UAD hardware – which will suit some users.

New Spark plug-ins and the UAD 10.2 update
PolyMAX has two oscillators and a noise oscillator, with a multi-mode filter. In addition, it has a mod matrix, an LFO, and two envelopes. Some useful extras include an arpeggiator, unison mode, and a selection of effects such as phaser, flanger, chorus, delay, and reverb.

Another new addition is the Hitsville Reverb Chambers plugin, modeled on the classic Motown sound. If you’re looking to create reverbs like your favourite Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and The Supremes records, this new tool can do just that.

You get a selection of two reverb chambers modeled on spaces within the legendary studio complex. Moreover, microphone positioning can be adjusted within the plugin, along with the width and depth of the space.

C-Suite also gets a new addition, in the form of C-Axe Guitar Noise Suppressor. This plugin allows you to remove any unwanted hum, hiss, or background noise from guitar tracks. It works with extremely low latency when used in conjunction with the UAD Apollo Interfaces, preserving the character of the original signal. Overall, it’s a useful real-time correction tool.


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