Luna Version 1.2.5

26 January, 2022

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Quantize Audio
  • Audio clips can now be quantized to the grid using the Quantize command
  • "Q" button now appears on audio clips. Click to access the Quantize browser
  • All existing Quantize browser features now function for transients by snapping the audio event nearest to the grid into alignment
  • New "RANGE" control specifies the area around a grid value within which events will be quantized, allowing control over the extent of quantization (RANGE control has also been added for MIDI quantize operations)
  • New group Track Priority feature allows quantization to be driven by specified tracks in a selection or group, ensuring that desired instruments in a multi-microphone recording are snapped to the grid, while preserving phase alignment on related tracks

Align Grid Command
  • Use Align Grid to calculate a tempo map to the cursor position at a resolution matching the current grid setting
  • Option + Command + I: Align Grid
  • Shift + Option + Command + I: Align Bar


  • Significantly improved performance for Razor Blade and UA Polyphonic warp algorithms
  • Sidechain input assignment is now assignable for groups of tracks when the track group MIXING option is enabled


  • Resolved an issue that could cause playback of MIDI Pitch Bend data to sound different than when originally performed
  • Resolved an issue that could prevent some LUNA Extension and UAD Instruments presets from reloading correctly
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when downloading instruments to an external drive on M1 Mac computers
  • Resolved an issue that could cause undo queue issues after writing automation from a control surface
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Command + Clicking the Console alias in the INSERT mixer row from toggling between Enabled / Disabled
  • Resolved an issue that caused some characters to be silently dropped from an exported file name
  • Resolved an issue that prevented all tape slots from updating when holding Option and toggling Tape power in the mixer
  • Resolved an error message that could occur when loading Audio Units plug-ins made by Neural DSP

Note: LUNA Recording System is available for Mac only.