Universal Audio Announces API Vision Console Emulation

11 May, 2021

— UAD and LUNA software updates bring end‑to‑end analog console emulation to LUNA plus new plug‑ins from API and C‑Suite Audio —

Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, is proud to introduce UAD Software v9.14 and LUNA v1.1.8. These updates bring the first ever end‑to‑end analog console emulation to LUNA Recording System with the API Vision Console Emulation Bundle, along with additional UAD plug‑ins from API and C‑Suite Audio.

API® Vision Console Emulation Bundle — $699

API Vision Console Emulation transforms LUNA into API’s flagship analog console, combining authentic emulations of API’s famed L Series preamp, EQs, compressor, gate, filters, and summing circuits for end‑to‑end large format console sound and workflows.

UA’s first‑ever full console emulation harnesses Apollo’s built‑in DSP for low‑latency live tracking, switching to native processing for all mixing functions. This hybrid DSP management builds upon LUNA’s analog‑inspired approach, delivering smooth transitions between workflows and consolidating multiple plug‑in windows into a single, easy‑to‑manage row in LUNA’s mixer.

API® Preamp — $149

API Preamp plug-in for Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware gives users the clarity, punch, and complex tone of API’s 212L preamp circuit, with added features from their flagship Vision console including a Mic/Line switch, dedicated cut filter, and ‑6 dB Line pad.

With Unison technology, users can harness the impedance characteristics and gain staging “sweet spots” of the vintage hardware for signature punch and detail during tracking, or quickly add the color and tone of API’s famed mix desk across multiple channels during mixdown.

API® Vision Channel Strip Collection — $299

Rounding out UA’s most ambitious API release to date, UAD Software v9.14 includes the updated API Vision Channel Strip Collection. This authentic emulation of API's flagship analog console channel for Apollo and UAD hardware now features switchable EQ modules and an expertly modeled output section for added tone‑shaping and flexibility.

C‑Suite C‑VoxTM Noise & Ambience Reduction — $349

UAD Software v9.14 delivers UA’s first noise reduction plug‑in tailored for vocalists. Developed by C‑Suite Audio™ exclusively for Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware, C‑Vox Noise & Ambience Reduction combines leading noise suppression technology designed by CEDAR® with Realtime UAD Processing, allowing users to easily reduce ambient room sounds during live vocal tracking and clean up recordings before going to additional plug‑ins and processors.

UAD v9.14 & LUNA v1.1.8 Key Features:
  • API Vision Console Emulation brings end‑to‑end analog console sound to LUNA
  • API Preamp with Unison technology emulates famed API 212L preamp circuit
  • API Vision Channel Strip updated with expanded EQ and newly modeled output section
  • dbx® 160 updated with Dry/Wet mix, Sidechain Filter, and graphic enhancements
  • C-Suite C‑Vox delivers effortless realtime noise reduction for vocalists

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