Headrush Announces New Headrush Prime®

22 March, 2023

— HeadrushFX, a well-known name in the world of guitar effects processors, has just launched its latest offering - the Headrush Prime. This new product is packed with exciting features that are sure to delight guitarists of all levels. —
The Headrush Prime comes equipped with over 300 realistic amp, cabinet, and effect models that have been designed to provide a rich and diverse range of sounds. The processor boasts a high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen that enables guitarists to navigate through its extensive list of features with ease. The screen is also ultra-responsive, ensuring that players can make adjustments quickly and easily.

One of the standout features of the Headrush Prime is its ability to integrate with other equipment seamlessly. The device has been built with a variety of inputs and outputs, which make it compatible with a range of guitars, amps, and other equipment. The Headrush Prime also features a comprehensive set of MIDI in/out jacks, enabling guitarists to connect their gear with MIDI-compatible devices.

The Headrush Prime is also built for the stage, with a dedicated expression pedal input that enables players to adjust their effects in real-time. The device comes equipped with a range of footswitches that allow guitarists to switch between different presets quickly and easily.
    Headrush Prime Features
  • 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen with intuitive interface
  • Realistic and responsive amp, cabinet, and microphone modeling including all new models by Revalver, the recognized innovator of software guitar amp modeling
  • Guitar and Bass presets by ChopTones
  • Expansive library of guitar and vocal FX, including Antares Auto-Tune®
  • Amp Cloner captures the sound of your favorite amp, preamp, distortion pedal, overdrive pedal, or fuzz pedal
  • Direct Wi-Fi connection to the HeadRush Cloud for clone sharing, preset sharing, and firmware updates
  • Wi-Fi streaming music practice tool makes learning songs easier than ever before
  • Bluetooth audio connectivity for playing along with mobile devices
  • Powerful custom-designed multicore DSP system with gapless preset switching
  • Road-ready steel chassis with durable built-in expression pedal and universal power supply
  • 12 footswitches with customizable color LEDs and OLED scribble strip display screens
  • Import virtually unlimited guitar and bass cabinet IR files
  • Stereo FX loop for integrating external FX pedals and 4 cable method connectivity
  • Best-in-class looper with save/load functionality and MIDI Sync
  • Record and re-amp via the built-in USB Audio interface (up to 24-bit/96KHz)

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